Something Smells a Little Fishy…

This is the story of Libbie (short for Liberation) the Lobster.  One day as Libbie was chilling in the lobster tank of a local supermarket in Florida a woman walked up to her.  She’d been told about Libbie and that because of her genetic makeup causing her shell color to be a bright golden orange color, she was a 1 in 30 million lobster. Wow, thought the woman, this is one special lobster. And so began her crusade to save Libbie. The woman had only days earlier attended a “How to Facebook” presentation. Armed with her new found confidence and understanding of how Facebook works, she posted a simple post asking for help from her Facebook friends. Que the magic.   As friends began engaging, the woman was quick to address each one whether like, share, or comment.  Through this engagement, the post was kept alive. So alive that in a mere 24 hours local news stations had picked up the story. The ball was rolling now! At 36 hrs the like, share, comment engagement continued as the story spread all over the country. It was being broadcast on news stations (CNN, Fox News, CBS,)  in Oregon and other cities on the west coast. The Huffington Post and other internet media sources got on board and soon reports were coming in that Libbie had made news over in Germany. Now International! Libbie was safely packed and shipped to a wonderful facility, The Seacoast Science Center in Rye New Hampshire. The woman that started this campaign is a writer and plans for a children’s book are underway. One simple post can change everything.

The point?  ENGAGEMENT. That’s the secret! When you are using Facebook and really want your message to be seen by the masses, it must be something people find interesting. Worded in a way to spark conversation. Once engagement happens, respond. Keep the conversation going and watch the magic happen for you!libbie